Trizic's technology combines portfolio management, trading, and operations into a single, enterprise grade platform.

Power and Flexibility in one Platform

White Labeled
User Interface

Trizic’s platform offers a simple, white-labeled client interface. You can customize it with your company’s logo, copy, and more. If you prefer, you can design a custom interface.

Flexible Model-
Based Trading

Create, update, and assign model portfolios reflecting your unique strategies. Use a mix of mutual funds, ETFs or securities. Update them as often as you’d like. When you do, our platform will automatically update all impacted accounts.

Tax Optimized Portfolio

Our platform automatically helps your clients achieve greater tax efficiency, maximizing capital gains while reducing tax burden. Our trade engine automatically avoids wash sales and early redemptions.

Intelligent Cash

Transfer money in and out of client accounts with ease. If unrestricted cash isn’t available, the optimal mix of securities to sell is auto-calculated.

Client Billing

Our billing solution calculates client fees. You define the billing cycle and rate. The platform creates and sends an invoice file to your custodian, who will debit client accounts and transfer funds to your firm’s sundry account.

Automated Trading
& Rebalancing

The platform uses our proprietary technology to generate all trades including those for rebalancing. Of course, you’re in control, and can execute or cancel orders with a single click.


Automated record keeping offers easy and flexible compliance reporting. Drift monitoring, archived portfolio changes, trade reporting, and investor suitability tracking help you stay aligned with your clients’ best interests.

Simple User

Trizic leverages a simple, three step onboarding process  that supports paperless account opening. Onboarding also supports and simplifies paper-based ACAT systems.

Flexible Asset

Trizic’s investor-facing robo provides advice across multiple asset types including mutual funds, ETFs, and equities. Designed for simplicity and speed.

Money Transfer

Clients can easily move money into their accounts on an ad hoc, or recurring basis. Withdrawals can be automated or require advisor support depending upon your preference.

Feature Set

Trizic’s technical architecture allows an advisor to cherry pick the platform features they want. Unused features can be switched on at any time without issue.

Easy Document

Clients can access account documents online anytime. These include account statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents.


Built for high performance and ease of use, Trizic can have custodial-supported advisors live with their solution in a matter of hours.

Trizic’s platform was conceived and built as an enterprise class, multi-tenant solution with unlimited scalability. This isn’t some pivot from a consumer-facing solution. This is real end-to-end enterprise software for serious deployments.

Technology: Modern. Extensible. Robust.


Trizic continuously monitors and employs smart automation to quickly resolve performance issues. We automatically generate additional resources to solve slowdowns, frequently before the latency even happens.


Trizic works continuously to ensure that our systems far exceed security standards. We are DISA STIG, PCI DSSv3.1, and Veracode VL4 level compliant. We build from the ground up with Center for Internet Security (CIS) instances and add layers of encryption, authentication and key rotation from there.

Infinite Scalability

Trizic was born in the cloud and moved rapidly to support load balancing, service discovery, micro services, queues and containers. We can grow at will without reconfiguring our platform. We can also withstand the failure of parts of our infrastructure, and keep running without interruption.

Open APIs

Our philosophy is that we exist in a sea of incoming and outgoing data, and that it’s our job to normalize and deliver that data. Trizic’s APIs connect into myriad back-end systems while allowing our customers to build their own mobile, web, and app interfaces.


Trizic’s technology team has experience integrating into more than twenty core and online banking systems. Our platform is designed to adhere to a bank’s rigid security, risk, and compliance requirements

Enterprise-Class Monitoring

Monitoring isn’t just knowing that something bad has already happened. Knowing in advance that resources are running low avoids downtime. Fault tolerance avoids downtime. Mix those with automation to allow rapid deployment of replacement or additional resources and you have the power to radically minimize downtime.

Single Sign-on

Trizic’s platform supports single-sign on across multiple bank and advisory systems. This improves the customer experience, while also improving system security.

Rapid Innovation

Trizic’s technical architecture enables on-the-fly feature development. This means we aren’t limited by traditional, monolithic product releases. We develop features and rapidly deploy them into the entire system. It’s the foundation for the fastest innovation in the industry.

Seamless Integration

Trizic’s API-based system was conceived to provide a seamless path to combine disparate technologies from various partners. As a result, we can easily connect into and out of your, and your partner’s, IT systems.


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