The Power Behind Large Deployments

Trizic works continuously to ensure that our systems far exceed security standards. We are DISA STIG, PCI DSSv3.1, and Veracode VL4 level compliant. We build from the ground up with Center for Internet Security (CIS) instances and add layers of encryption, authentication and key rotation from there.

Trizic was born in the cloud and moved rapidly to support load balancing, service discovery, micro services, queues and containers. We can grow at will without reconfiguring our platform. We can also withstand the failure of parts of our infrastructure, and keep running without interruption.

Our philosophy is that we exist in a sea of incoming and outgoing data, and that it’s our job to normalize and deliver that data. Trizic’s APIs connect into myriad back-end systems while allowing our customers to build their own mobile, web, and app interfaces.

Monitoring isn’t just knowing that something bad has already happened. Knowing in advance that resources are running low avoids downtime. Fault tolerance avoids downtime. Mix those with automation to allow rapid deployment of replacement or additional resources and you have the power to radically minimize downtime and slowness.


Trizic’s hosted platform was built from the start with the enterprise in mind. Our technology was architected and engineered to deliver cutting edge, end-to-end digital wealth solutions to the industry’s largest, most demanding players.

Optimized for Banks & Credit Unions

Trizic’s team has deep experience with retail bank and credit union systems. Cores, online banking,  and mobile banking are all systems we embrace.

Trizic understands that there is a fine line between your bank’s NIM and new fee revenue. Our solution is optimized to help you maximize your share of customer wallet.

Retail bank customers want a single experience across their bank. Trizic is architected to work seamlessly within your bank’s omni-channel strategy.

Trizic systems track investment relationships for your retail bank, and will alert your private bank when a customer’s invested assets reach the transition target.

Banks & Credit Unions:

While private banks have digital wealth requirements similar to traditional wealth advisors, retail banks and credit unions have special needs that distinguish their go-to-market plan for digital offerings.

Trizic offers the only platform designed to work seamlessly between private and retail banks. Our team and partners are focused on delivering fully integrated digital wealth solutions for the banking industry.

Automating Advisors Large & Small

Trizic’s investor-facing robo provides advice across multiple asset types including mutual funds, ETFs, and equities. Designed for simplicity and speed.

Our advisor portal provides powerful practice management tools for all of your clients’ life stages.

Advisors with larger teams have the ability to control models at a firm-wide level, or at the advisor level.

Trizic’s API-based architecture allows us to easily support your traditional custodians, as well as homegrown custodial and clearing systems.


Trizic has everything your firm needs to run a digital advice solution that will increase your firm’s revenue while driving down operating costs.

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